Nursery Area

The greenhouse, or nursery, area is managed by the Barcelona Botanic Garden (JBB) and Botanic Institute of Barcelona (IBB). On the one hand, it serves to prepare plants whose final destiny is the JBB and on the other, and on the other it is a place where research related to different scientific projects and plants (Narcissus, Festuca, etc.), is carried out on behalf of the  staff of the IBB.

The nursery area contains two covered installations where plants in their early stages are looked after, and where coded labels monitor the process of each individual.

The nursery contains more than 700 species of plants from numerous regions around the world. The great majority are for inclusion in the Garden’s collection, but on occasions donations to universities, research centres or the City Council are made with the aim of increasing the floral diversity of the Metropolitan area’s parks and gardens.

Access to the nursery is restricted, and only allowed during activities previously organized by JBB or the IBB.