Other teaching activities


Courses organized by Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) members about different subjects and for different kinds of publics. Some are imparted at the IBB headquarters and others in different locations.

  • Care and Management of Natural History Collections: postgraduate course coorganized with Transmitting Science and the Institut Català de Paleontologia M. Crusafont intended for technicians, curators and researchers interested on conservation and natural science museum collections management. More information in the following link.
  • Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing: applications in ecology and evolution: postgraduate course organized with the collaboration of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I and the support of the Fundación General del CSIC directed to graduated, postgraduate and Biology and similar science doctorate students, interested in knowing the potential that is being developed with the new massive sequencing techniques. More information in the following link.
Gaudir UB
  • At present, the Gaudir UB courses of the University of Barcelona are being offered by the IBB. They are courses that link botany, and specially ethnobotany, with cooking and gastronomy, with special emphasis being placed in the different ways of life associated to food plants and the beliefs around diet.
  • They are aimed for both professionals and interested people in botany and gastronomy.
Tribunal participation

The IBB participates in some events for evaluating works and projects.

Exporecerca Jove
  • IBB researchers participate regularly in this event since 2015. It is a research work exhibition made by young people between 12 and 30 years old. Usually more than 200 people reunite and every year foreign students participate.
  • The main goal that pursues this exhibition is to encourage young people into the research world, to exchange experiences and knowledge and to promote the participation in this exhibition and other national and international exhibitions and congresses.
  • The jury that evaluates the exposed works is made by professional researchers from research centres, from university, from high school and from business world. Research personal from various CSIC centres, one of them being the IBB, participate as jury.
  • Further information is available at the MAGMA web.
Patchwork evolutiu
  • The IBB participates since 2019 in the Patchwork evolutiu journey organized by the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona (MCNB). It is a project collaboration between educational centres and the MCNB around the evolutionary theory. Two actions are taken part at the museum: an evolution workshop to start researching and a congress to show the conducted investigations where students expose their results in a poster.
  • It is done in the beginning of February concurring with Charles Darwin birth anniversary. The IBB participates evaluating posters related to botany posters sent by high school students.
  • You can book the activities on the following link.
  • Since 2017 the IBB participates in the Inspiraciencia contest, an initiative that relates science and writing in a recreational way, as an open space to think and imagine science from fiction. Its goal is to promote the approaching to the scientific thinking, in a personal free way through creative writing. The IBB participates in the contest evaluating the scientific narratives.
  • To send the narratives you must use this link. Usually the limit to send the stories is until the beginning of June.