The Botanical Institute of Barcelona (Institut Botànic de Barcelona (IBB) offers a service of certifications (Certibb) that performs different analysis to particulars and companies that request them. To this end, the IBB currently hold scientists and lab technicians of proven experience, a reference herbarium with 800.000 specimens, a specialised library, fully equipped laboratories and a gardening centre.

Certibb offers the following services:

    • Training in techniques of genetic analysis and basic research (systematics, taxonomy, conservation biology, cytogenetics, ethnobotany) and applied (food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors) to members of companies, universities and research centres.
    • Collaboration in research projects, technical coordination and monitoring of R&D projects towards reaching the objectives set.
    • Advice on identification, uses and properties of plants, related to conservation and the environment: impacts of invasive species, population viability in endangered species, conservation strategies and environmental impact studies.
    • Diagnosis of species, that will permit the detection and identification of the ingredients of a food or drug of plant origin and their proportions in different preparations.
    • Genotyping techniques to assess population genetic characteristics, breeds, varieties and plant lineages.