Among the possible applications, we highlight the following:
  • Personal advising on identification, uses and properties of plants.
  • Characterization and certification of  species, varieties and breeds of medicinal,alimentary, industrial, forestry, agricultural or environmental plants, using DNA barcode techniques, in order to ensure food security and prevent fraud.
  • Morphological identification of cultivated and wild plants used for nutrition, herbalist’s and natural medicine, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural uses, reforestation, etc.
  • Analysis of species, varieties and populations using genotyping techniques, to conduct surveys aimed at obtaining lineages rich in compounds with applications in the health field.
  • Characterization of possible genotypes and cytotypes that can be more productive in agriculture, or in the production of chemical compounds for industrial applications, etc.
  • We can provide the customer information of the degree of hybridization and clonality of varieties, strains or lineages, and estimate the correlation between these aspects and crop production (fruits, phytochemicals, etc.).
  • We can also report the genetic variability in clones, grafts and crossbreeds; data useful in agricultural practices.