Institutional information

The Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) is a joint venture between the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Barcelona City Council (AB), which is represented by the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona (MCNB). Under the current agreement between the Research Council and City Council, signed June 5, 2008, the Institute’s mission is to promote quality research in the various branches of Botany, with the following objectives:

  • To contribute to research advancement and technological development in all branches of botanical sciences according to the guidelines laid down in successive strategic plans of the IBB.
  • To provide scientific advice to the Botanical Garden of Barcelona.
  • To train research personnel and support postgraduate teaching.
  • To coordinate general and technical equipment services to make better use of existing resources as well as those that acquired after the implementation of this agreement.
  • To enhance relationships with other national and international centres.
  • To collaborate with the government through contributions to the advancement of industry by transferring knowledge and research results.

The IBB is divided into three management units, with their respective heads:

  • Governing unit: Governing Board, consisting of two representatives from the City Council (appointed by the mayor of the city), two representatives from the Research Council (appointed by the president of CSIC) and the Director and Manager of the IBB.
  • Direction and Management unit: Scientific Board of the Institute, including lines heads along with the labour representatives for the contract employees (permanent and temporary), the director, the deputy director and the manager of the IBB.
  • Scientific Advisory unit: Faculty Board comprised of the researchers from the institute, including public officials and those employed with doctorates, and External Scientific Advice Committee comprised of renowned researchers from various branches of Botany from other national or international centres.

Currently, the Director of IBB is Dr. Jesús Gómez-Zurita and the Deputy Director is Dr. Neus Nualart. Current department heads are Dr. Jordi López-Pujol (Biodiversity, biogeography and vegetal conservation) and Dr. Gerard Talavera (Evolutionary biology and ecology) and the labour representatives are Dr. Jaume Pellicer and la Dr. Neus Ibáñez.