Other herbaria

This category includes those non-historical collections separated from the general herbarium, according to their origin (cultivated or tropical plants) or typology (fruits, seeds or woods). There are five collections:

Collections No. of sheets
South American plants of Cuatrecasas 3,900*
Plants from the Botanical Garden of Barcelona (JBB) 2,555
Spermotheca 535
Xylotheque 145
Learning herbarium 2.000*

The number of specimens in the South American plants collection of J. Cuatrecasas and the learning herbarium (marked with an asterisk) is estimated as it has not yet been fully catalogued. On the other hand, the collection of plants from the Botanical Garden, the Spermotheca and the Xylotheque are completely catalogued, but these are collections that are continuously growing, so numbers continually increase with the incorporation of new materials.