Ramón de Bolòs herbarium

The Ramon de Bolòs i Saderra (1852-1914) herbarium includes collected materials by his father Josep Oriol Bolòs i Santaló (1809-1889) as well as some by his grandfather Francesc Bolòs i Germà. The herbarium was revised, increased and systematized by his son Antoni de Bolòs i Vayreda (1889-1975), who donated the collection to the Botanical Institute (IBB).

Ramón Bolòs studied pharmacy at the University of Barcelona, being a pupil of the eminent botanist Antoni Cebrià Costa and taking part of the Societat Botànica Barcelonesa. He was an apothecary for all his life, with botany as a pastime, like some of his ancestors, including his grandfather and his great-grandfather. He collected plants and identified them mainly using the French manual of Justin Gillet and Jean Henri Magne. He related with other botanists, especially his brother in law, Estanislau Vayreda. He published some small studies and observations on the geography of La Garrotxa.

Bolòs collected mainly in Ripollès and Garrotxa and created an interesting herbarium and some collections of mineralogy, entomology and malacology. The herbarium consists approximately of 6,000 sheets, was partially revised by Pere Montserrat in 2003, and still needs to be computerized.


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