Historical herbaria

Throughout its history, the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) has acquired a variety of herbaria dating from the 17th to early 20th centuries, as a continuation to the significant initiatives already undertaken by its founder Pius Font i Quer. These collections are separately preserved from the general herbarium and ordered according to original author. These collections are the following:

Collections Època Nombre de plecs
Salvador family 17th-18th 4,917
Francesc Bolòs 18th 3,922
Ruiz & Pavón 18th 698
Bernades 18th 814
Costa 19th 15,000*
Vayreda 19th 30,000*
Trèmols 19th 12,944
Ramon Bolòs 19th 6,000*
Societat Botànica Barcelonesa 19th 1.213
Cadevall 19th-20th 8,242
Sennen 19th-20th 85,000*
Hieraciotheca Gallica et Hispanica 19th-20th 2,108
Institució Catalana d’Història Natural 19th-20th 1,202

In her doctoral thesis, Dr. Neus Ibáñez studied five of these historical herbaria: Salvador family, Ruiz & Pavón, Bernades, Societat Botànica Barcelonesa and Institució Catalana d’Història Natural. Currently these collections are being studied within the Native and alien flora: diversity, collections, and conservation research group.

The number of specimens for 6 collections (marked with an asterisk) is estimated, as these have not been fully catalogued.