Bryophytes herbarium

The Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) preserves an important collection of bryophytes, with about 7,000 samples. Specimens are alphabetically arranged by genus and species, without any distinction between mosses and liverworts. The material is dehydrated and placed in envelopes, which are then attached to the herbarium sheets. Different specimens are arranged by site of recollection.

The majority of the collection comes from herbarium exchanges with other European institutions like the Finnish liverwort exsiccatae Suomen Maksasammalia. The IBB collection includes materials from the Iberian Peninsula collected by important bryologists like Creu Casas (1913-2007), a pioneer bryologist in Catalonia, and Josep Vives (1931-1993), who played an important role in bryophyte research in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. There is a high number of samples of the genus Sphagnum (300 specimens) as well as the genera Tortula and Hypnum.

In spite of being systematized, the entire collection still needs to be digitalized.

Other bryophyte specimens are separately kept inside the cryptogam section of the historical collections of Salvador family, Bernades, Ramon de Bolòs, Vayreda, Trèmols and Cadevall.