Plants from the Botanical Garden of Barcelona (JBB)

Since 2004, the herbarium has incorporated a collection of plant sheets from the Botanical Garden of Barcelona (JBB). These specimens are conserved segregated from the general herbarium as they correspond to cultivated plants. The collection serves as a reference for the taxonomic study of the plants found in the Garden.

Currently constituted of 2,307 specimens, it is permanently growing with an annual increase of 50-100 samples. These specimens are organized into groups according to the locality of collection within the Garden:

Specimens groups No. of sheets
Phytoepisodes South Africa 606
Australia 441
Western Mediterranean 386
Canary Islands 228
Eastern Mediterranean 181
California 143
North Africa 172
Chile 121
Other areas Plant nursery 222
Historical Botanical Garden 48
Office area and multipurpose square 35
Leaves 15

‘Leaves’ correspond to those plants that were removed from the garden, that are missing or that did not flourish when they were planted. Within each group, sheets are in alphabetical order.

This collection was systematized and digitalized in 2011. There are 600 genera, Eucalyptus and Acacia being the most abundant. The majority of samples were collected during 2004 and 2005.