In order to preserve the material in a timely manner, the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) herbarium receives specimens’ donations. Specimens should be collected properly and have vegetative and reproductive structures. It is also important that they are accompanied with information on locality, habitat, geographic coordinates, name of collector, date of collection, and scientific name of the plant. These data, whenever possible, should be given in digital format.

The BC herbarium reserves the right to accept donations unless they meet the requirements listed in the accession policy. Generally, the herbarium will only accept material if appropriate conservation can be guaranteed, is in good condition and includes complete information on time and place of collection.

To make a donation you must complete and sign the entry form, in which the donor states that the possession of specimens has not contravened the regulations on the protection of natural resources. Once the donation is done, the Curator will decide the destination of the herbarium material (collection of study, exhibition, or educational activities). For further information on how to make a donation, please contact the herbarium Curator, Dr. Neus Ibáñez via e-mail (