Carlos Pau Español postcards collection

In the postcard, from left to right, Brother Sennen, Carlos Pau & Pius Font i Quer, 1936.

A good part of Carlos Pau’s life was spent in Segorbe, where he was born in 1857 and died in 1937. Graduated in Pharmacy (Barcelona 1879-1882), he obtained his PhD with the dissertation “La familia de las Ranunculáceas considerada en sus relaciones con la Farmacia” (Madrid 1882-1883). Since 1884 he worked as a pharmacist, and in 1886 he opened his own pharmacy in Segorbe.

He described a large number of new species and wrote more than 300 articles. His herbarium (with about 100,000 specimens) and library are kept in the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, while all his correspondence (the collection studied in this project) was donated by Pau himself, shortly before his death, to Pius Font i Quer and is currently kept at the Botanical Institute of Barcelona.


The documents of the collection range from 1872 to 1937, the latter the year of Carlos Pau’s death. The part of the archive that has still not been catalogued is now digitized thanks to the donation of Dr. Uriach and the complete set of documents will be available online soon. Most documents are letters (83%), while the second type of the studied material corresponds to postcards (266). The large amount of postcards can be explained by the fact that they were not only a way to send greetings or memories of the visited sites, but also the cheapest and fastest way to communicate. This exhibition shows a compilation of 118 postcards, the most significant and interesting divided by geographical areas or represented themes.

This project has been carried out thanks to the donation of Dr. Uriach.


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