General lichenotheca

The general lichen’s collection consists of approximately 3,000 samples. Materials are preserved dry in paper envelopes attached to cards that are alphabetically arranged by genus and species as well as according to the locality where the specimen was collected. Still to be added are around 700 further specimens corresponding to various donations along with materials collected by Pius Font Quer, Pere Palau Ferrer and Xavier Llimona.

The collection includes specimens collected throughout Europe and North Africa from the mid-nineteenth century to nowadays. Main collectors include Xavier Llimona, Pere Aymerich and Gösta Kjellmert. Also contains the exsiccatae of early twentieth century Lichenes Bohemiae by Vaklav Kotak and Kryptogamae Germaniae, Austriae et Helvetiae Exsiccatae by Emil Friedrich August Walther Migula.

This collection is partially catalogued and at present, the database includes 2,841 samples. Some of these samples contain more than one taxon, hence the number of specimens is higher. Specifically, in these samples there are 3,913 different specimens of lichens.

It is a continuously growing collection due to the recollections done by the staff of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) and the donations of researchers form other institutions.

Online queries

This collection is available at GBIF on the following link (exportation date: November 2019). All interspersed and determined sheets are available on this portal.

  • 3,913 specimens (78.27%)
  • 1 type specimen
  • 2 specimens with images (0.04%)
  • 2,207 specimens including geographic coordinates (44.14%)