Caliciales Exsiccatae

The Caliciales are an assemblage of species placed into three different orders: Lecanorales, Teloschistales and Micocaliciales and into two different families: Coniocybaceae and Microcaliciaceae, both in Incertae Sedis.

This group of species includes both lichenic and non-lichenic fungi traditionally studied by lichenologists. They are included artificially under the name Caliciales because the species share different morphologic characters, such as the presence of mazedium (an accumulation of mature spores) and stipitate apotecia.

Leif Tibell, from the Univerity of Uppsala, made different exsiccatae and distributed them to different herbaria worldwide. As the collection is finished and well-documented (L. Tibell published the data in Publications from the Herbarium University of Uppsala and Thunbergia) it is kept separately from the remaining collections of lichens. Tibell’s collection includes specimens collected worldwide from 1951 to 1995 by himself as well as by Alexander Titov, Mats Wedin, among other botanists.

The entire collection has been studied and digitalized, comprising 199 specimens placed in paper envelopes and stored in cardboard specimen boxes alphabetically arranged by genus and species. It includes 14 type specimens and 6 specimens that correspond to new nomenclatural combinations of great scientific interest.

Online queries

This collection is available at GBIF on the following link (exportation date: November 2019).

  • 199 specimens (100%)
  • 13 type specimens
  • 189 specimens including geographic coordinates (94.97%)