Algae herbarium

The herbarium of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) comprises two kinds of Algae collections on the basis of their conservation method: the first one includes specimens preserved as herbarium sheets and the second, comprises specimens preserved on liquid preparations.

The main collection, which is represented by 4,700 specimens, includes specimens collected by Dr. Ramon Margalef (1919-2004), a pioneer researcher in ecology from Catalonia. This collection includes algae, estuarine sediments, biofilm or turf. The majority of the collection comprises specimens preserved in paraffin sealed tubes. In addition, other 126 specimens are stored in glass jars using a formaldehyde solution. Currently, we are carrying out a restoration process and replacing the preservative solution. Different Charophyte species like Chara or Nitella are present in this collection.

Of special relevance are the specimens collected in Minorca Island by botanist Joan Joaquím Rodríguez Femenías (1839-1905), who was the founder of modern Algology in the Western Mediterranean region thanks to his work on Balearic Islands algae. These specimens are preserved on herbarium sheets.

On the other hand, the algal collection also includes samples collected by other important botanists like Emile Ballé, Pius Font i Quer and Pere Palau Ferrer. It is a continuously growing collection, and specimens collected by Samuel Pyke from United Kingdom have contributed to enlarge it. The entire collection is still to be systematized and digitalized.

Other specimens of algae are separately kept inside the cryptogam section of the historical collections of the Salvador family, Ramon de Bolòs, Vayreda and Trèmols.