SBB herbarium

The herbarium of the la Societat Botànica Barcelonesa (SBB) was ceded to the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) by the Real Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts de Barcelona (RACAB) in 1925.

The Societat Botànica Barcelonesa (1872-1878) was an institution for the exchange of plants aiming to create a common herbarium to study the Iberian flora. Its main reference was the Société Helvétique pour l’Échange des Plantes, in which some of the SBB founding members such as Joan Joaquim Rodríguez Femenias, Frederic Trèmols, Estanislau Vayreda or Count Torrepando were also members.

The aim of the SBB was to put together a herbarium with the collaboration of botanists form the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean region. The number of members could not exceed fifty and each member, when accepted had to submit a list of plants to be shared that year, in order to avoid duplication. Each member sent as many packages as members the SBB had registered that year, and every delivery had to contain at least five different species, accompanied by a label (in Latin) with the sheets’ data.

This herbarium contains 1,213 sheets corresponding to 1,120 different taxa distributed in 470 folders and 24 boxes. Sheets are arranged according to RACAB’s general catalogue number. It contains many plants of the Iberian Peninsula collected by Catalan botanists such as Vayreda, Trèmols, Ramón Bolòs and Rodríguez Femenias, while others come from exchanges with European botanists such as Michel Gandoger, Jean Odon Debeaux, Pierre Marguérite or Édouard Timbal-Lagrave. This herbarium is fully computerized and studied in Dr. Neus Ibáñez’s doctoral thesis (2006).

Online queries

This collection is available at GBIF on the following link (exportation date: November 2019). Although the collection is fully computerized in this portal cannot be found: 10 specimens that are not vascular plants.

  • 1,203 specimens (99.17%)
  • 33 type specimens
  • 3 specimens with images (0.25%)
  • 252 specimens including geographic coordinates (20.77%)
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