Trèmols herbarium

The Trèmols herbarium was ceded to the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) by the Real Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts de Barcelona (RACAB) in 1925.

This collection was created during the second half of the nineteenth century by chemist and botanist Frederic Trèmols i Borrell (1831-1900), member and co-founder of the Societat Botànica Barcelonesa (1872-1878).

Between 1930 and 1960, the technician Antonio Marcos carefully reviewed the herbarium adding new labels and rearranging the collection as Conspectus florae europaeae of Carl Fredik Nyman. Currently the collection is being studied and computerized by Laura Gavioli within the Native and alien flora: diversity, collections, and conservation research group. The current collection is organized in 58 volumes rearranged by Marcos, two volumes in the original organization of Trèmols, four boxes of the genus Hieracium and 85 boxes of additional material. At the end of 2019, the cataloging of the entire collection was completed, reaching 12,944 specimens.

This herbarium includes, for the most part, sheets obtained in exchanges linked to the Société Helvétique pour l’Échange des Plantes and the Societat Botànica Barcelonesa. Its major interest is the variety of sheets’ geographical origins, turning this collection into one of the first European herbaria in Catalonia.

Online queries

This collection is available at GBIF on the following link (exportation date: November 2019). Although the collection is fully computerized in this portal cannot be found: 17 algae specimens, 92 specimens non determined at the exportation date and 66 specimens computerized after the last data exportation to GBIF.

  • 12,769 specimens (98.64%)
  • 49 type specimens
  • 7 specimens with images (0.05%)
  • 10,129 specimens including geographic coordinates (78.25%)
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