Salvador herbarium

This collection was obtained by Font Quer in 1945, from the descendents of the Salvador family and pertains to the Salvador Natural History Collection. The herbarium consists of samples collected in the 17th and 18th centuries, mainly by Jaume Salvador i Pedrol (1649-1740) and Joan Salvador i Riera (1683-1725). This herbarium also contains plants received in exchanges with botanists of the time such as Joseph Pitton de Tournefort, James Petiver, Herman Boerhaave, Pierre Magnol, Antoine de Jussieu and Sébastien Vaillant, among others.

This collection has 4,956 herbarium specimens. The main part (4,053 sheets) was catalogued under the direction of Dr. Àngel Romo thanks to the Pla Nacional de Patrimoni Històric, and was later studied by Dra. Neus Ibáñez as a part of her doctoral thesis (2006). An annex is included (832 sheets) consisting of American plants collected by J. Petiver and European plants collected by Francesc Xavier Bolòs and donated to the Salvador family in the 19th century. This annex was studied and catalogued in 2013 by Dra. Neus Ibáñez and Mr Josep Aurell. In 2014, 67 new specimens currently being under study have been incorporated.

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