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Carlos Pau Español Collection: Postcards exhibition


This exhibition presents a sample of 118 postcards, the most significative and interesting, divided by geographic areas or topics from the Carlos Pau Español Archive Collection (CPE). The Collection contains more than 4000 documents (letters, postcards, bills, etc.) that Pau kept from 1872 to 1937, the year of his death. It was donated that same year to the Botanic Institute of Barcelona (IBB) where is now preserved. A first part of the collection had already been catalogued and the part that remained uncatalogued has been catalogued in 2021 thanks to the Dr. Uriach donation and, soon, the complete collection will be available online.

carlos pau español, pius font i quer, brother sennen, 1936, old postcard

In the postcard, from left to right, Brother Sennen, Carlos Pau & Pius Font i Quer, 1936.

In the collection, postcards (266) represent the 17% of the studied documents, while the vast majority (80%) are letters and the rest correspond to various documents such as invoices or receipts. This large quantity of postcards in the CPE collection can be explained by the fact that they were not only a way to send greetings or memories from the visited places but also the cheapest and fastest way of communication.

The current postcard exhibition has been set with the aim to highlight and show part of the CPE Collection. The main interest lies in the possibility to appreciate cities, monuments or artworks from the beginning of the 20th century. The most represented building is the Bonanova School in Sarrià (Barcelona). That is because Brother Sennen, an important botanist at the time, was one of the main Pau correspondents and teacher at Bonanova School. Postcards showing Catalan towns and big Spanish or European cities are also interesting cause they allow us to see how they’ve changed over time.

carlos pau, brother sennen, salle bonanova school, postcard

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This project has been carried out thanks to Dr. Uriach donation.


Authors: Laura Gavioli, Neus Ibáñez and Inés Fuentes

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