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SEMINAR: Evolutionary origin, diversity and traditional uses of Cannabis: first insights from WECANN project

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Speaker: Manica Balant (Predoctoral researcher, Institut Botànic de Barcelona)

Date: Monday 28th June, 12:00h p.m.

Online Zoom seminar.

Prior registration is required

Cannabis is currently one of the most intensively studied plants in several scientific areas. The majority of studies focus on the chemical composition and medicinal values of high-THC and high-CBD plants. However, the diversity of Cannabis is extensive and their uses are much more versatile. Through centuries people have used it not only for its therapeutic properties, but also for production of fibre, textile, paper, food, as well as in social and religious rituals.

In this talk we will present to you the project WECANN, where we are investigating several aspects of Cannabis – the genus origin, morphological, genetic and chemical variability and traditional uses. We will present the first database of Cannabis traditional uses – CANNUSE and other research topics that we are currently carrying out within the project.

To attend the seminar you must be registered.

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