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SEMINARI: Tracing changes in genetic pathways underlying reproductive architecture in Papaveraceae (basal eudicots, Ranunculales)


Cicle de seminaris IBB

Ponent: Oriane Hidalgo, investigadora postdoctoral del Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK

Data: Dimarts 16 de desembre 2014, 12:00 hores.

Lloc: Sala Salvador de l’IBB


The family Papaveraceae offers a unique opportunity to study coordinated evolution of traits, with three characteristic and widespread floral syndromes that link inflorescence determinacy and flower symmetry, and some interesting “rule-breaker” taxa with unusual syndromes. We tested the amenability of Cysticapnos vesicaria to the functional molecular biology technique of virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS). This provided a zygomorphic-flowered model plant to contrast the actinomorphic-flowered emerging model Eschscholzia californica. We discussed traits evolution in the light of the phylogeny and the history of single gene, whole-genome duplication events and genome reshuffling in Papaveraceae.

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