Neus Ibáñez

Neus Ibanez

Curator of BC herbarium / Head of the department of Scientific Collections 

Research group: Native and alien flora: diversity, collections, and conservation

Member of the Biodiversity and Plant Biosystematics Research Group (GReB)

Tel: 93 289 06 11



Currículum vitae

Main interests:
  • Demonstrate changes in flora over time (species’ extinctions, regressions or introductions) using historical herbaria.
  • Search for types and sheets of taxonomic and / or nomenclatural interest in historical herbaria.
  • Study of documentation of historical herbaria and botanists who contributed to their formation, and the cultural circumstances and / or policies of the moment that led to their creation.
  • Promote the value of IBB herbaria as the last witness for comparison and classification of taxa, to verify examples of possible extinction due to climate change, and to date the introduction of alien plants in our country.