Collections, Flora and Vegetation

The main objective of this research group is to put in value the botanical collections as repositories of information about the distribution, ecology, phenology and variability of taxa. As well as we study the flora and vegetation of a given territory, either of vascular plants as cryptogamic flora and with emphasis (but not exclusively) on the alien flora of the western Mediterranean region. These studies are carried out mainly on the collections conserved in the BC herbarium of the IBB, representative of the western Mediterranean region. It includes, in addition to the general collection, 13 historical collections formed between the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 20th and different cryptogamic collections. With regard to alien flora, some taxa may be underrepresented according to some previous studies and it is necessary to update the checklist of this flora, mainly because these plants are the second most important threat to biodiversity.


Research group objectives

  • To identify (in the collections) specimens of taxonomic and / or nomenclatural interest for typification studies, specimens of endangered and endemic taxa for conservation studies and specimens of alien species for introduction and invasion studies.
  • To characterize the collections and make them available to the scientific community, demonstrating the importance of herbaria for the development of floristic studies and for the knowledge of the evolution of climate and the effects of global warming.
  • To contextualize the formation of the historical collections of the BC herbarium, as well as the cultural and / or political circumstances of the moment that led to its creation.
  • To list alien species in Catalonia and neighboring territories, identifying those that act (or have the potential to act) as invasive and their introduction ways.
  • To catalogue lichenic flora of a territory with the purpose to evaluate its habitat and the degree of maturity of the forests.
  • To study the gymnosperms, mainly from the Mediterranean region, from different points of view, both floristic and taxonomic.
  • To recognize vegetable communities of the Iberian Peninsula and the Maghreb through their characterization, description and distribution studies.