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Workshop: Monitoring butterfly migration

Saturday 11th June 2022
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Online workshop
Registration needed

Butterflies migrate all over the globe. To better understand migration patterns and their spatial and temporal localization we need to combine data from many places. With the Butterfly Migration citizen science project, people from all over the world can contribute to collect valuable data to study this incredible phenomenon! This citizen science project is accessible to anyone thanks to the smartphone application ButterflyMigration (available for Android and iOs), which allows you to monitor adults and immatures, guiding you through the protocol.

The workshop will explain in detail how to use the Butterfly migration app to get new feedback on the citizen science project. Participants will also learn more about migratory butterflies and the monitoring protocols that need to be followed in the field to report new butterfly sightings.

Led by Alessandra Lombardi (Butterfly Migration outreach manager), the workshop will be conducted in English and will last 70 minutes (including 30 minutes of question time).

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