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Centaurea achilleifolia, another new centaurea species found in Morocco


Alfonso Susanna, researcher at Institut Botànic de Barcelona (IBB), has participated in the description of another Centaurea species (Compositae), Centaurea achilleifolia, little after the discovery of Centaurea peltieri in 2021. This species has also been found by the Moroccan researcher, Abdelmonaim Homrani Bakali in Djebel Bou Naceur, in the northern end of the Middle Atlas. The new species is related to C. peltieri and the other species that grow in the gorges of the Great Atlas and it is the first group species that can is found in the Middle Atlas Mountains. The article where C. achilleifolia is described can be found in press (Phytotaxa).

Centaurea achilleifolia. Author: A. Homrani Bakali.


More information:

A. Homrani Bakali & A. Susanna. 2022. Centaurea achilleifolia (Asteraceae), a new endemic species from the oriental Middle Atlas of Morocco. Phytotaxa (en prensa)

Authors: Abdelmonaim Homrani Bakali and Alfonso Susanna

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