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Training of researchers

Educational opportunities for researchers at different levels are also promoted at the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB). Since 1992, the Institute participates in Master’s and PhD university programs (mainly with students from the University of Barcelona, UB, and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, UAB), contributing to train more than 20 PhD over the years (co-directing theses in most cases).

Participation is on a theoretical and practical level, training researchers in laboratories to learn molecular biology techniques (PCR, sequencing, cloning of DNA, AFLPs or microsatellites, amongst others) and cytogenetics (classical karyology, fluorescent in situ hybridization), and at the herbarium, to manage and analyse preserved specimens according to research objectives and their state of conservation. In addition to pre-doctoral researchers, the Institute has received researchers from other countries to carry out research stays or post-doctoral research. Amongst others, researchers from Austria, Algeria, Argentina, France, India, Iran, Italy, Poland, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Ukraine and China have been trained at the IBB.

You can refer to the publications derived from this involvement at different researcher’s levels in the following links: laboratory / herbarium.

Many IBB researchers collaborate or have collaborated imparting classes in undergraduate courses in Biology and Pharmacy university programs, teaching topics within Botany, Biosystematics of Plants and Biodiversity Management, amid others.

Researchers are open to participate in courses related with Master’s research, as well as co-directing PhD theses in programs linked to plant conservation, such as the Biodiversity (UB), Environmental Agrobiology (UB), Genetics and Genomics  (UB) and Ecologia Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Management (UAB) Mater’s programs. Similarly, IBB participates in Erasmus Mundus programs for plant biodiversity. For more information you can contact the following email address: infoibb@csic.es.