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Gaudir UB Courses

At present, the Gaudir UB course offered by members of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) is entitled Gastronomic and culinary botany (including a session by Chefs Carme Ruscalleda, Iolanda Bustos and Pere Planagumà). The Gaudir UB course is an initiative of the University of Barcelona that discusses about the plants that humans eat and drink, including information about where they originated and how they are used. Two courses of 20 hours each and lasting a trimester have already been offered, including theoretical and practical contents that relate botany, and especially ethnobotany, with the kitchen and gastronomy, emphasizing on wild species and local races, along with the centres of origin of plants. Within the course two sessions are completely practical, one culinary, using some of the species studied during the course, and the other consisting of a field session, where plants are collected and ethnobotanical interviews are carried out.

This course is targeted to both professionals and students interested in botany and cooking, as well as the public in general. You can find more information in the following link.