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Salvadoriana exhibition

Duration: from May 19th, 2014 to April 3rd, 2016.

Salvadoriana presents a little-known treasure of Barcelona’s scientific heritage: the cabinet of curiosities built up over two-and-a-half centuries by the Salvador family in their apothecary shop on Ample street (Barcelona).

What was a cabinet of curiosities? It was a private space, open only to selected visitors, full of cabinets with drawers and shelves containing objects of all kinds, most having a natural origin, collected due to their rarity or their status as curiosities and marvels. For three centuries, these cabinets were a privileged venue for the development of natural history—the discipline that gave origin to the natural sciences of today.

Chronologically, the materials date from early 17th century to the middle of the 19th century. Geo-graphically, they initiate in Barcelona connecting, as a consequecence of the exchange with other naturalists, with dozens of cities from Mediterranean and Atlantic Europe. Hence, from the back room of their apothecary shop on Carrer Ample, on the corner of Carrer Fusteria, the Salvadors connected Barcelona with this network of cities, where other naturalists alike kept cabinets of curiosities and exchanged knowledge and materials.

Rescuing, preserving, studying and valuing this scientific heritage turns this collection into a great tool for knowledge.

More information: catalogue