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From curiosity to futurology. Three centuries of the interpretation of nature

Duration: from June 15th to September 26th, 2004.

This exhibition intends to reflect on the dominant paradigms in the conception of nature over the last three centuries and how these have been reflected in the naturalist collections of Catalonia.

French sociologist Edgar Morin conceives the Earth (Nature) as a motherland; others conceive it as a market. Some respect it as something sacred; others abhor it as something corrupt or a valley of tears. Conceptions and interpretations of nature change and have changed according to time and culture.

Naturalist collections provide evidence of how these conceptions have changed, from the items collected to the ways of organising and ordering them. In the 21st century the only paradigm possible would seem to be sustainability and preservation of biodiversity. The possible scope and limitations inherent to such latter paradigms are considered at the end of the exhibition.

More information: press dossier