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Werner lichenotheca

This collection was donated to the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) by Xavier Llimona, the guardian of Werner’s scientific legacy, due to the well-established appreciation that Roger-Guy Werner felt for Pius Font i Quer, with whom he had carried out scientific explorations in Morocco.

In 1928, Werner (1901-1977) started working for the Cryptogams collection at the Institute Scientifique Chérifien de Rabat (Morocco) under the direction of Louis Emberger. Subsequently, in 1936, Werner succeeded Emberger as the curator of this Cryptogams collection. In 1948 Werner returned to France and became a professor of botany at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Nancy.

Werner built up the collection in 1928 during his stay in Rabat when he served the obligatory military service, so the majority of specimens come from Morocco. The collection also includes lichens from herbarium exchanges with other international institutions from Sweden, USA and Haiti.

To be accessible, the collection was arranged and catalogued by Dr. Llimona. The entire collection still needs to be digitalized. It includes 195 type specimens and it is of great taxonomic interest for Mediterranean lichens.

For more information see:

  • Llimona, X. 1979. Roger-Guy Werner (1901-1977) Note biographique et bibliographique. Collectanea Botanica (Barcelona) 11: 475–506 (pdf).