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Online images

In 2007, we began to digitize part of the herbarium thanks to projects funded by the Andrew M. Mellon Foundation, an American non-profit organization. These projects were part of the GPI (Global Plants Initiative), an international initiative aiming to create a digital library of scholarly resources for botanists. The Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) participated in API (African Plants Initiative) during 2007 and 2008 and in LAPI (Latin American Plants Initiative) in 2010, which consisted in scanning types or taxonomically interesting specimens from Africa and Latin America, respectively.

Thanks to these initiatives, the Institute invested in acquiring an inverted scanner to scan the sheets without damaging them. Images obtained with this system have a resolution of 600 dpi which allows viewing most of the specimen’s details.

Images obtained through these projects are searchable in the JSTOR portal. We have scanned 841 specimens from Africa (general herbarium and Sennen collection) and 585 from Latin America (Cuatrecasas and Ruiz & Pavón collections), obtaining 2,179 images. In this web portal it is also possible to consult 28 documents of the Cuatrecasas archive.

Currently we are still digitizing type specimens with this same system, along with any sheet requested by researchers via the images request page. Such images are searchable in the GBIF.es images portal with a total of 3,741 images corresponding to 2,870 sheets. The displaying of images is possible thanks to the hosting service offered by GBIF.es through its image server. The uploading of images on this server has been done in collaboration with the SANT herbarium.