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GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) is an international initiative with the goal to provide free and online open access to all available information on biodiversity in the world. This network acts only as a server of all records as long as the data remain under the control of the institution deciding what data and which geographical precision will be available to users.

The herbarium of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB) has participated in this network since 2006 and every year does a new data export. Currently the number of herbarium sheets and samples available on GBIF is 77,253 records. Represented collections are:

HerbariumNo. of sheets
General herbarium59,580
Historical collectionsCadevall8,224
Ruiz & Pavón690
Other collectionsCuatrecasas415
Lichen collectionsGeneral Lichenotheca1,796
Calicials Exsiccatae199

2,681 genera are represented, with more than 21,000 taxa. Most specimens have indication of the country and more than 75% come from the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco.

Data are hosted on the Spanish GBIF node server by the IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit) platform, grouped into three sets: BC (general herbarium), BC-Histórico (includes historical collections and other collections) and BC-Lichenotheca (includes lichen collections). You can see all the details of these three collections on the national or international GBIF portal. Data included are licensed under the Open Data Commons Attribution License ODC-By).